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Youth Hunting in Maui

At Hawaii Hunts, some of our favorite hunts are those with kieki (kids)! We love to get youths involved in hunting and introduce new hunters to the challenges, enjoyment and thrills of the sport of hunting. It’s about preserving traditions, being out in nature, and passing down invaluable skills to the next generation. We take immense pride in introducing youth to the sport  of hunting, ensuring they not only learn the fundamentals but also develop a deep respect for wildlife and the great outdoors.

For many of us at Hawaii Hunts, our fondest memories involve those early mornings in the field with a mentor—learning to read tracks, spot game, and the thrill of that first successful hunt. Now, we have the privilege of sharing these experiences with young hunters, instilling in them the same respect for conservation and a love of the outdoors.

Hunting in Hawaii can be an enriching and memorable experience for families. It goes beyond the thrill of the chase; it's about bonding over nature and instilling a deep appreciation for the environment - and creating lasting memories during your stay on Maui.

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