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Free Axis Deer Picture


The Island's Most Invasive Species

The Axis deer was introduced to Maui in the late 1950s. The Axis deer quickly multiplied since no natural predators existed on the island to manage the population. Axis deer are estimated to exceed 50,000 in total on Maui. The population is so large that island residents have difficulty protecting the island's natural and precious ecosystems. Hunting Axis deer is a sustainable practice that helps conserve the beauty and abundance of Maui's plants and other wildlife.

Feral Boar


The Island's First Game Animal

Feral boars were introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in the 18th century by the island's first Polynesians, although some believe they were introduced by Captain Cook. Boars can survive in any terrain and condition, from tropical rainforest to high mountain deserts. They tend to move during the night and cool parts of the day. They have no natural predators and, if not hunted, will explode in population. Farmers are most impacted by the large boar population which eats the livestock feed and plows down crops. Feral boars can be extremely aggressive and are usually hunted with dogs.

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