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How Maui Deer Hunting Balances the EcoSystem

Being able to satisfy your thirst for a big hunt can become a reality on the beautiful island of Maui. The scenic landscape consists of lowlands and high mountains, giving you a sense of paradise in this tropical paradise.

Balancing the Ecology

While hunting animals can threaten the livelihood of certain species, controlled hunts can also help the balance of the ecosystem. Axis deer is one example of how hunting can improve the state of the deer population and help conserve the abundance and beauty of plants and smaller wildlife on the island. They are a beautiful species with medium brown fur and white spots. Often called the spotted deer, they are similar to the white-tailed deer that are found in the states.

Where did the Axis Deer Originate?

Axis deer are native to India. Seven deer were brought to the Hawaiian Islands in 1867 as a gift to King Kamehameha V. Many were moved around from island to island. By the 1950s, the Axis deer were introduced to the island of Maui where they really bloomed. Since there are no natural predators to this species on the island, the population has grown invasive to ranches and native forests.

How Hunting Slows the Ecological Damage

An overpopulation of deer is good news to hunters. Hunting Axis deer has become a welcome sustainable practice for those who love the sport of hunting. It is not unusual for this breed to eat the ebony tree, mint, and olive trees. Almost any shrub, weed, flower, herb, and fruit will satisfy their diet. However, they can turn a lush forest into a desert in no time. Maui is only one of six islands where deer are found and hunting is permitted.

Tender Deer Meat to Die For

Axis deer venison is considered to be one of the most appetizing of all the wild game. Tender and mild tasting, this treat gives hunters a second reason to look forward to a holiday of hunting. Since venison is not sold in stores, it can be a special treat for family and friends.

Deer Hunts and Safaris

If you are not native to Hawaii, the easiest and most enjoyable way to hunt is by signing up for a deer hunt. With over 8,000 acres of hunting ground, it can be a struggle to master the terrain and forests. Other species of big game animals for hunting include feral goats, feral pigs, black Hawaiian sheep, and black-tailed deer.

Whether you are a vacationer, sportsman, or trophy collector, Axis deer is a proud game to display or butcher and serve for special occasions.

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