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Mountainous Landscape


Ensure that you have reviewed and completed all of the following before your trip.

Pre-Trip Planning: List


Book your hunt and complete all necessary paperwork required by Hawaii Hunts as soon as possible. We'll be flexible with scheduling while you finalize your travel plans.


Every hunter is required to have a Hawaii state hunting license which first requires a Hunter Education certification card. You can either complete a Hawaii education course (you do not have to be a resident to register for this course) or a certified education program in your state accompanied with an exemption form. Ensure that you have plenty of time to complete any classes or registration. Hunting licenses are valid from the date of purchase to June 30th of the same fiscal year. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources website.


If you are traveling to Maui, please review all pertinent travel information before your hunt.


You'll need more than just swimsuits and sandals. Review our recommended packing list and come prepared.

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