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Why Choose Boar Hunting in Hawaii Over Deer Hunts Near Me?

Getting a deer for the freezer is fun and exciting no matter where it happens, but that doesn't mean that the experience can't be even better. One of the best ways to do this is to go hunting in an exotic location like Hawaii. Then, you get to see all sorts of new things as you wait for the perfect moment to bag some game.
Not only that, when you go hunting with Hawaii Hunts, you have a much higher chance of actually getting some game. We have a professionally managed herd of free-range Gold Medal Axis deer, and we limit hunts to a reasonable number per year. This gives you the best chance of getting one, whether your style of hunting involves a long trek across steep terrain or sitting in a tree stand early in the morning.
Boar hunting in Hawaii puts you on an all-day trek, where you will hunt a feral Hawaiian boar with the help of a pack of trained dogs. The area of this hunt is said to be Maui's most extreme landscape, so this is a trip for physically fit people.
Once you bag your game, our guides will clean and pack it for you. This leaves you with the exciting part, and none of the work except for hiking to where the game is. This is very much a hunting vacation, rather than just going hunting somewhere that isn't near you. Of course, the fact that Hawaii isn't near you is part of the point of going there for deer hunts. You'll see new terrain and freshen your outlook with the change in surroundings.
To book a hunting trip, just contact us here at Hawaii Hunts. Be sure to book in advance to ensure that you get a slot on your preferred dates.

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